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Apr 23, 2023 | Social media

What should be done for professional social media management? What is social media management and how is it done?

In this post, we have prepared special information for those who want to become professionals in social media management and advance in the targeted sector. If you want professional social media management, you can find the important topics you need to pay attention to in the continuation of our article.

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What is Social Media Management?

What is social media management? How is social media management done?

If you want to set up or manage a personal or corporate social media network from scratch, you need to understand what social media management is.

The point we want to underline is that there are serious differences between being a knowledgeable social media user and managing brand accounts.

Professional social media management requires knowledge and experience that can analyze targets and audiences, implement certain marketing strategies, and build the reputation of individuals and institutions from scratch.

For this reason, we advocate that social media processes should be managed by social media agencies that are experts in their fields and can show references.

What is a Brief? How is it prepared?

Brief explains the purpose of the project with the information it contains. The briefing, which enables the work to be shaped according to the product or brand, conveys all the details necessary for the work to be done to your interlocutor. With the briefing prepared by the experts, it will be possible to reach the target in a short time and without errors.

It will be necessary to answer the question of what is briefing in an understandable way. Briefing helps to explain the promotional or marketing content of the brand or product in detail. The creative summary, which we can summarize, includes the details that help the project in question to be completed in the required time.

What should be in the brief?

  • What is a product or service, what is it used for, what are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • What is the position of the product in the market and the situation of the competitors? What are the competitors doing?
  • Why are we doing this work? What is our motivation?
  • Can we define the target audience included in the message?
  • What is our marketing message?
  • How will we address the target audience?
  • Will the tone go through you/you language?

Brand and Competitor Analysis

After completing the brief process, we can move on to the second part of the question of how to manage social media. Analyze deeply!

  • Analyze the competitors in the market.
  • What strategy do they use to manage social media?
  • How do they position themselves?
  • Are there any brands they collaborate with?
  • How is their communication and design with their followers?
  • Are they video-heavy or static-heavy?
  • What social media do they use?
  • Have we analyzed the sharing frequencies?
  • What features do they highlight?

Identify your weaknesses and strengths and try to take the right steps in your social media management. Competitor analyzes are not one-off processes. Set a routine and analyze newcomers to the market. You can be inspired by your competitors to make your brand unique, but create original and quality content.

Preparing a Digital Strategy Plan

One of the most important topics of the question of what is social media management and how it is done is to implement the digital strategy plan.

  • Your brief analysis and competitor analysis were the first step of your digital strategy plan.
  • Make sure to have a dynamic strategy plan.
  • Determine your daily, weekly and monthly operations.
  • Do not ignore the demands of your audience and algorithm.
  • Focus on meeting expectations and answering questions.
  • Set your sharing hours.
  • Determine how much is accomplished and how much is expected within the plan.
  • Feel free to update your plan as needed.

How Should Content Management Be Done?

  • You need to create content that is engaging and recurring for a loyal audience.
  • Make sure you really identify your target audience and their focus.
  • Video content is a must.
  • Take care to use color tones that match your brand’s style.
  • Don’t just focus on selling. Entertain and inspire.
  • Differentiate yourself with mini-information, mini-games and sweepstakes, question and answer posts.

What Should Be Considered in Visual, Text and Design?

  • Strive to use texts and designs that fit the spirit of the brand.
  • Build integrity, maintain it even if the rosters change.
  • Let your style progress with a unique language that will reflect the spirit of your brand.
  • Pay attention to the ratio of text and images in images.
  • Keep your message short and clear.
  • Don’t neglect CTAs.
  • It is important to be able to “promote” without revealing that you are advertising.

How to Plan Advertisement Management in Social Media?

  • Experience the feedback of static, video or story shares.
  • Increase gradually even if you have big budgets.
  • Be sure to review competitors’ advertisements and promotions.
  • You can regularly highlight some of your posts.

How Should Page Moderation Be Done?

  • Be sure to reply to comments.
  • There should be a pre-planned plan for page moderation.
  • Have a line on sharing settings and frequency.
  • Determine your management style according to the target audience of the page you manage.
  • Maintain the line you have in the name of stability and routine.
  • Consistency and routine are important for page moderation. Keep the rhythm you have.

Why Should a Social Media Report Be Prepared?

Social media reports contain important data that shows the impact of your plans and operations. The social media report lets you read whether your posts are making an impact, a breakdown of your followers’ favorite content, and which posts are creating engagement.

You can plan new content by regularly reviewing your account data. If you can carefully examine the social media reports, you can get important information for increasing engagement and traffic.

Social Media Management Tactics

  • Identify virgin areas with competitor analysis.
  • You can use timers like Buffer or Hootsuite.
  • Investigate whether such timers allow “story” or “carousel” content sharing.
  • Be sure to respond to praise and criticism.
  • Create your style with design tools.
  • Use tags. Of course the right number.
  • Do not neglect the story and video content.
  • Create a reason to be followed.
  • Stick to your content calendar.
  • Create content that will create dialogue and print comments.
  • Gamify, create polls, do sweepstakes.
  • Connect your different social networks with each other.
  • Prepare content specific to each platform.
  • Don’t neglect LinkedIn.
  • You can get traffic through your website. Don’t neglect it.
  • Promote your accounts with crossposts.
  • Never buy likes and followers.
  • Master the art of social storytelling.
  • Always tag influencers and brands in posts.
  • Tap geotags on Instagram.
  • Don’t neglect the importance of showing the personality behind your brand.
  • Go live.
  • Post at the best times.
  • Establish a consistent posting frequency.
  • Add shareable links to your blog posts.
  • Create Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • Tailor content to the strengths of each network.
  • Leverage GIFs and MEMs for professional social media management.

In Conclusion

We hope that you have reached all the information you are looking for through our guide, which we have prepared by focusing on the topic of professional social media management. Now it’s time to create the perfect social media posts to promote your services or products to your visitors and get conversions. If you need professional content and design support, do not hesitate to contact DMM TURKEY customer service!

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