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Mailing refers to the bulk dispatch of emails to particular individuals (mailists) on a designated target list via software interfaces or systems.

Email marketing is the use of email to reach individuals or organisations with promotional, informational, celebratory and similar messages.

With DMM Turkey, you can efficiently and cost-effectively advertise your products, services, information, and promotions.

Through DMM, you can effortlessly connect with your intended audience, provide them with your offerings and campaigns, and add value to your enterprise with eye-catching designs. Using DMM, you have the opportunity to enhance your brand recognition, sales, and profitability.

Email marketing, which is much more affordable than traditional marketing methods, continues to be the most preferred promotional group within digital marketing activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We create measurable digital and email marketing strategies tailored to your brand. Our approach breaks down complex concepts into smaller, more digestible parts while maintaining the original meaning and structure.

What is a Promotional E-mail?

The most straightforward and lucid definition of SPAM is advertising or promotional email that the recipient has not requested. In the world of digital communication, sending numerous copies of the same message type to individuals or groups without prior permission is known as SPAM.

Is it a Crime to Send Commercial Emails?

In keeping with the revised Electronic Communications Act and associated laws, new legislation has been introduced to regulate the distribution of bulk SMS messages, bulk mails, bulk faxes, and similar electronic marketing techniques. It is worth noting that sending mass mailings is not a criminal offense if all legal requirements are met.

How Many Individuals may I E-mail Simultaneously?

Sending emails via Gmail or similar email networks is subject to daily limits of 30-50 recipients, which may vary depending on the reliability of the email address. In some instances, exceeding these limits may lead to account closure.

How Can I Contact DMM Turkey?

You can contact us in a number of ways. You can fill in the online form on our contact page, send an email to [email protected] or call us on +90 532 591 57 71. We are here to help you.

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