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Corporate E-Commerce Services

Did you know that 70% of e-commerce sites launched after COVID fail within the first year?

You may have a strong and sustainable brand, but without an e-commerce site that develops with the right strategies, you cannot succeed in the digital world.

Unfortunately, good marketing skills alone are not enough to succeed in e-commerce. By working with a professional e-commerce agency, you should carry out technical studies to sell with the most appropriate touches for your brand. In e-commerce, keeping customers is as difficult as getting them.

Develop your e-commerce site with DMM Turkey to become a fixture in the system and turn your customers into repeat visitors.

We carry out detailed behavioural analysis by defining your objectives as precisely as possible. As a result of this analysis, we will decide which product or products to market to which target group, and we will start basket expansion efforts with the recommended product strategy.

We identify methods to retain customers through loyalty activities and encourage them to return. We report on your speed with various measurements and offer new targets to improve the current situation.

DMM Turkey aims to increase your sales by optimising your website. With the right investment and targeting, it is possible to build a brand in a short time and reach the desired audience with corporate integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We develop your digital marketing strategies with our professional e-commerce services.

What Does E-Commerce Agency Do?

The e-commerce agency that helps you achieve your sales goals by optimising your e-commerce site, developing online sales strategies, tracking conversions and creating fictions that encourage visitors to buy. A successful e-commerce agency should be able to handle all of your site’s technical and design needs in the digital world.

What is E-Commerce Optimisation?

Broadly speaking, ecommerce optimisation is the process of positively changing the factors that influence purchase decisions on an ecommerce sales site. Some areas to optimise are: product images and descriptions, category breakdown, site performance settings, content attributes, campaign impressions, user experience and so on.

What Should an Effective E-commerce Site Look Like?

Although this will vary depending on the geographical area, the target audience and, of course, the product range, there are certain criteria that must be met. The most important of these is the performance of the site. It should be fast, mobile friendly and easy to use. It is necessary to have sections such as “Best Sellers”, “New Products”, “New Season Products”, “On Sale”, “Special for Your Package” and to proceed in a dynamic structure with campaign designs. In the blog section, it is essential to produce regular content, position the benefits and indicate the discount rates with effectively designed alerts. It is also very important that there are sections for returns, complaints and suggestions, and that the customer can contact company representatives if necessary. Other features of a successful e-commerce site include clear cancellation and return policies, an active presence of contact and CVC forms, and the use of video content to support the marketing process.

Does E-Commerce Agency Increase My Sales?

There are dozens of variables that affect sales on the e-commerce site. Layout, performance of the pages, categorisation of the products, uploading them to the e-commerce system with correct descriptions and images, variety of products, purchase methods, shipping, returns and pricing policies are the first and most important ones that come to mind. It all depends on your target audience. An optimised and planned e-commerce site is sure to be successful.

At Which Stage Should I Work with E-Commerce Agency?

The best time to apply to an e-commerce agency is when you decide to enter the digital world and take your first steps. It is always healthier to move forward together. Instead of making serious changes to a website that is on sale and receives more or less traffic, it will be the most accurate association to start with a complete and correct foundation.

What is Basket Enlargement in E-Commerce?

Enlarging the basket is a serious effort to influence purchase decisions. New strategies are defined by analysing the products added to the basket and the shopping habits of your target audience. This is achieved by trying to persuade them to buy a wider range of products or to make multiple purchases. Suggesting complementary products that go with the products the visitor wants to buy at certain times, promotions and, of course, good site design are among the factors that increase the effectiveness of basket expansion. If planned correctly, you can earn much more from each customer you attract to your site.

Does E-Commerce Agency Affect Purchasing Decisions?

A successful e-commerce agency will develop targeted strategies and analyse the behaviour of visitors to your website. These behaviours are internalised and improvements are made. It determines the most accurate sales tactics by tracking dozens of factors such as how long visitors stay on which pages, when they leave the page, the length of sessions, product and payment preferences. In this way, you can see the sales graphs rise moment by moment. It is possible to increase your sales by choosing the right ecommerce agency.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing E-Commerce Agency?

Once you have decided to work with an e-commerce agency, it is important to meet the team. You can take the first step by asking what steps they will follow, what data you will see in measurement and reporting, whether they have done a study related to your sector and what their experience has been. Visit some of the e-commerce sites they have worked with. Talk about your ideas and objectives so that you can better analyse and communicate your needs and project to the team.

How Can I Contact DMM Turkey?

You can contact us in a number of ways. You can fill in the online form on our contact page, send an email to [email protected] or call us on +90 532 591 57 71. We are here to help you.

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