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SMS marketing is a prevalent strategy that involves sending SMS messages to broad audiences. It is efficient for any business as it helps achieve goals in a short time.

SMS, a short message, is one of the most effective communication tools to broadcast campaigns. DMM Turkey’s segmentation structure enables creating target audiences and sending automatic SMS according to their related fields. In this manner, you can achieve conversions with cost-effective budgets whilst decreasing your SMS cancellation rates. Additionally, you can readily monitor the progress of your campaign via reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

We improve your marketing steps with our SMS Marketing services.

Can you Provide me with Some Examples of SMS Marketing that are Commonly Used?

Personalised promotions, offers or discounts, remarketing campaigns, and surveys are frequently used in SMS marketing.

What are the Advantages of SMS Marketing?

Welcome new customers and provide gentle reminders of pending payments. We provide convenient payment methods to make transactions effortless. Additionally, we offer appointment confirmation, cancellation or rescheduling services. Customers may be eligible for special discounts. We guarantee order confirmation with timely feedback surveys to assure customer satisfaction.

How Much Does SMS Marketing Cost?

The fee for sending an SMS varies depending on the destination country. Moreover, the cost also differs based on whether you are texting a local or international number. Some countries demand that the sender’s name is registered. An unregistered sender’s name can only consist of 11 characters.

How Effective Is Sending Text Messages?

Knowing that 23 billion messages are sent daily worldwide via bulk SMS, corresponding to 8.3 trillion SMS sent annually, is very exciting. Conversely, buyers tend to avail of offers delivered through advertising messages at an average rate of 35%. According to statistics, special offers or discount opportunities sent to customers via promotional SMS are ten times more effective than manually distributed materials.

What are the Differences of Timed SMS & Interactive SMS?

Timed SMS messages are messages that arrive within a specific timeframe. Interactive messages allow for two-way communication to be established. By contacting the customer through SMS, their needs and desires can be learned. A two-way message can be used to provide information about your products or services. Interactive messages can be used to gather information and opinions from your target audience and create a database.

Why is SMS Marketing Important?

It is possible to use as short-term promotions, event or customer order updates, or appointment reminders.

Why is SMS Marketing Preferred?

SMS marketing offers numerous advantages, including personalisation, low competition, cost-effectiveness and data-friendliness. It allows you to reach your entire user base consistently, regardless of whether individuals have their phones turned on or off. Since it is one of the most commonly utilized communication services, the level of engagement is relatively high.

What is Location Based Targeting?

One of the most popular digital marketing strategies in recent years is location-based mobile marketing applications. The aim is to reach customers at the right place and time with the right messages. The way to achieve this is to use mobile devices and location technology.

Who Uses SMS Marketing?

In addition to retail businesses and e-commerce sites; restaurants, health & education institutions, politicians and municipalities (including government agencies) benefit from SMS marketing.

What are the Things you Need to Pay Attention to?

You must understand your target audience and produce unambiguous and compelling content that motivates action. Identifying the optimal timing for sending SMS messages is pivotal.

How Can I Contact DMM Turkey?

You can contact us in a number of ways. You can fill in the online form on our contact page, send an email to hello@dmmturkey.com or call us on +90 532 591 57 71. We are here to help you.

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