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Growth-Oriented Marketing Services

The only way to survive is to be flexible, to adapt, to identify the problems that prevent growth and to apply the principles of growth hacking.

We use design thinking, data insights and applied technology to create unique growth opportunities for your business and transform them into future-proof digital experiences.

Are you ready to discover the impact of a data and test-driven growth process with DMM TURKEY?

Frequently Asked Questions

We rebuild your image and brand voice with our growth hacking services.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking, which can be achieved through a data-driven approach and smart digital marketing strategies, is the use of cost-effective digital marketing strategies to retain active users, build brand awareness and increase revenue through growth.

Nomenclature of Growth as Hack

A concept we can associate with specialists who ‘hack’ the traditional customer acquisition system and generally find cheaper alternatives.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a medium-term strategic methodology that helps brands achieve measurable and sustainable growth. While other marketing tactics focus on driving traffic and sales, growth marketing focuses on a data-driven and holistic approach.

What Does Growth Hacking Consultancy Consist of?

Through our research and analysis studies, we identify the potential issues that are holding you back from growing in digital channels, and support the process with growth hypotheses. Of course, growth hypotheses also need to be tested. In this scenario, we either act as your employee and report the growth results, or we communicate our hypotheses, observe the work and ensure that the hypotheses are implemented flawlessly.

Why Growth Hacking is Important?

The digital ecosystem is an area where companies are fighting hard to gain a competitive advantage. There may be challenging objectives, restrictive budgets, limited resources and numerous competitors with sophisticated advanced tools and platforms.

Growth Hacking and Application Recommendations

Make your content visible and reflect your content to different media types by diversifying your sharing channels.

What are the Differences from Digital Marketing Specialist?

Although growth hackers look like online marketing experts, their biggest difference from online marketers is that they can analyse big data and create new strategies based on metrics. Google Analytics, SEO and other measurement tools, content marketing, A/B testing, viral marketing and social media marketing are some of the concepts most commonly associated with growth hacking.

What are the Competencies of a Growth Hacker?

The team needs to be familiar with and experienced in growth culture. There are also technical tools for the team involved in optimisation and measurement studies.

When Did Growth Hacking Enter Our Lives?

The concept of growth hacking was first introduced in 2010 by Sean Ellis, marketing manager at Payball and now CEO of Growth Hackers.

About Growth Hacking Concept

This new-generation, growth-focused marketing strategy covers many areas, from coding to content marketing. This means viral cycles where success breeds success and quick results can be achieved at minimal cost.

What Does Growth Hacking Cover?

Growth hacking is the unorthodox work done to grow projects that have started their publishing life with highly analysed methods.

What is Growth-Oriented Marketing?

It all starts with adding new layers to traditional marketing. This means that brands can enhance their growth strategies with SEO campaigns, A/B testing, video marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more.

Growth Marketing Model

Our focus is not only on reaching a relevant and broad audience, but also on increasing efficiency and revenue through personalised approaches. As a result, sustainable, growth-oriented digital marketing methods significantly improve a brand’s ability to engage, satisfy and retain customers.

Featured Marketing Channels

Channels such as email, mobile applications, alternative social media, CRM, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, etc. are some of the areas used in growth marketing.

Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing

While it is not correct to replace growth hacking with digital marketing, the concepts are inextricably linked. Creativity, targeted testing, analysis and reporting, and an analytical perspective are essential skills. A marketer can use the engagement rate for targeted analysis. The growth hacker will focus on activities designed to achieve a specific, singular result, such as increasing social sharing by 60 per cent.

Growth Hacking Examples from the World

One example is Dropbox’s strategy of offering users 250MB of additional storage for every new user they bring on board. The transformation of AirBNB, which gained users by integrating with Craigslist, into a company that is now known around the world, is another example of successful growth hacking.

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